Confidence is beautiful



Confidence is one of the biggest battles I face in my life. Self confidence is important, and I know it, but I continually find myself fighting against the seeds of doubt that say, “You’re not enough” and “You will never make it.” Sometimes it takes a pretty huge (in my mind, at least) emotional battle to overcome that doubt and tell myself yes, I can! 

Life has a tendency to be unpredictable; sometimes it is good and sometimes it is not. As an INTJ, I loathe unpredictability. I find comfort in knowing what the day holds and how my time will be spent. Of course, life can’t allow this to happen every day – that would be ridiculous. With each day that passes, each new experience, I have the opportunity to learn and grow stronger – strength and knowledge only serve to boost confidence. 

It is so important that young women and girls realize that they are so much more than they believe. Needing a boyfriend to comfort them and turning to drugs, sex or alcohol for comfort shows how little confidence they have in themselves. I hope and pray that one day, if I have a daughter, I will be able to help her learn from my mistakes and my struggles with confidence to grow her own confidence. When we believe that we are enough, we can face anything.  Confidence isn’t always knowing that you will succeed and it doesn’t mean you won’t be afraid, but it is the determination to try anyway.

Confidence is doing the very thing you think you cannot do. 

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